About Us

Fabrich Overseas, a company driven by conviction and excellence, brings to you some of the finest WALL COVERSINGS from all over the world.

Our qualified and experienced sales team helps the client make an informed choice. Working together as a team with a spirit of co-operation & efficient management, we Serve the needs of our clients through FABRICH’s nationwide distribution net work.

As direct importers and distributors, we have an excellent support system to offer timely deliveries to various parts of the country. A large modern warehouse ensures availability of a wide selection of stocks for immediate installation. A team of experienced and committed installers help provide quality installations as well as after sales service.

Today, FABRICH exclusively represents some of the world’s leading manufactures to give you unlimited choices sealed with world class quality. Together we work to achieve a common goal of customer satisfaction through professionalism and integrity.

The advantages of using vinyl wall coverings are as follows:

  • 1. The beautiful designs with various colors and embosses are unique and add to the aesthetics of the interiors.
  • 2. Durable and low maintenance – Due to the vinyl surface coating, most stains(tea, coffee, food, shoe marks, etc) can be easily cleaned with a foam or mild detergents. The 21 oz fabric backing – gives the material extra strength and, therefore, it cannot be damaged easily. The manufacturer gives a 5 year guarantee against any design or color fading. These features make it durable and maintenance free.
  • 3. The wall coverings also come with class A fire ratings and anti bacterial / Fungal coatings (sane proofed). The certificates for the same can be provided.
  • 4. These wall coverings are a standard product worldwide for Hotel rooms and corridors, airports, corporate and hospitals etc.